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Men's Vets Saltash

Facebook messages were positively fizzing with excitement today as our Men's Vets started working through their heats at the Vets Championships in Saltash.

To stretch themselves, they competed in both the Vets and Supervets categories- which meant rowing in 5 races !

Having performed admirably to get to the semi-final in the Vets, they focussed their energy on the Supervets and managed to come 5th in the final.

This is a terrific result - well done, guys!

As you can see from the photos, Jack was so impressed, he made sure he snapped a selfie with the superstars!

Good rowing - Mark Blanchard, Adrian Charters, Rob Pitt, Barnaby Quaddy, Dave Ferris, Martin Steeden, Ian Burbidge and Jerry Boaden.


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