SSRC Juniors raced at HMS Excellent!

Swanage Juniors had the exciting opportunity to attend a new Junior Pilot Gig Sprint event in July organised by Langstone Cutters Gig Club in conjunction with the RN & RM Rowing Association. This unique event was held at the Royal Navy sailing Centre at HMS Excellent, Whale Island and HMS Bristol, their training ship, was our viewing point for the event.

We took as many of our Juniors as possible, in a mini-bus kindly lent to us by the Swanage School and off we went to participate in the sprint event. It's fair to say that our Juniors were competing against older (and a little bit bigger) crews but they held their own against the competition, rowing in unfamiliar boats and racing against quite a strong wind.

They all had a great day, enjoying the opportunity to row in such a unique location and they were recognised for their sterling efforts by the other clubs and awarded a team 'Sportsmanship' award. Although, it has to be said, they were more excited by the fact that the trophy was filled with sweets! They can't wait to go back next year - well done Junior team!

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