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Swanage Sea Rowing Club: Open Rowing

Swanage Sea Rowing Club offers the local community the opportunity to row traditional Cornish Pilot Gig boats in Swanage Bay. Whatever your age or ability, we welcome everyone and offer a wide range of rowing sessions - open rowing, social and competitive rowing and Junior rowing.

Our popular open rowing sessions enable people to try this rapidly growing sport, whether you are from the local community of Swanage or from a bit further a field, you can give it a go. And, don't worry if you've never tried gig rowing before; you'll be given a safety induction and taught the basic techniques, all under the careful supervision of our qualified Duty Coxes.

Open rowing is on Tuesday evenings* (from 6pm) and Saturdays at 10am. The sessions on the water are weather and light dependent - the safety of all rowers is always paramount and if we are unable to launch or recover the gig safely, we may have to cancel the session. If rowing on the open water is cancelled, we will often be found enjoying a cuppa in the gig shed and are happy to show anyone how to train on an erg (also known as a rowing machine to novices and torture device to the training crews!) and talk about gig rowing, the boats and our charitable club.

If you'd like more information, email us or like our Facebook page. We endeavour to keep our Facebook page up-to-date and will communicate via social media if we have to cancel or change any session. So, if you fancy trying gig rowing or would like to get involved, pop down and see us ..we're quite a friendly bunch who often have homemade cake to share too!

*Tuesday evenings on the water will be once the clocks change in the Spring and we have more evening light, in the Winter we will offer sessions in the gig shed.


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