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SSRC Boathouse Story

For many years SSRC operated from a polytunnel on private land behind the Old Pier Head in Swanage. This was only ever planned to be a ‘temporary’ site pending plans to relocate in the future…but we ended up staying there for over 10 years!


Whilst we were extremely grateful to the owner for allowing us to use this site we began to struggle to accommodate our boats, equipment and growing membership. A lack of toilet and changing facilities was restricting our ability to widen our range of activity, especially for our junior section.


Fortunately, since 2008, SSRC had been actively looking at all options to provide a permanent base for the club and had been working closely with Swanage Town Council to access all possible sites in the town that could provide suitable to the water.

This long process led us to select the site opposite the polytunnel (and where we are today).


Our architects developed a design with the boathouse embedded into the slope of the site with natural stone elevations and a green roof to complement the existing landscape.


This design was acceptable to Purbeck District Council and detailed planning consent was granted in August 2010.




Funding the boathouse

Over the next two years a huge amount of planning, campaigning and fundraising took place to raise the necessary funds for a new, state-of-the- art facility overlooking Swanage Bay.


Our first donation came from Lindy Phillips and by early 2012,  we had secured just over 50% of the project costs from various grant-makers including a generous grant from the de Moulham Trust.

The major turning point came in November 2012 when we had approached the Dorset Chalk & Cheese Local Action Group. 

Many members attended an evening with Dorset Chalk & Cheese in November 2012 which involved a presentation and display. Support was provided by representatives from British Rowing and the Purbeck Runners.

It was then left to the Local Action group to vote for our application.

In December 2012, we received the news that our application had been successful.


We were delighted that within two years of dedicated fundraising, our target had been reached- and also very excited at the prospect of providing a new facility for members of our community.


The boathouse was constructed during 2013 and officially opened in December.


It is a truly iconic building, carefully sculpted into the contours of Prince Albert Gardens and overlooking Swanage Bay.


Our funders

Thank you to the following individuals and organisations that helped to fund our building:-

  • Lindy Phillips, John Wright and Tony Miller

  • Dorset Chalk & Cheese RDPE Funding

  • The de Moulham Charitable Trust

  • Talbot Village Trust

  • Canford Environmental Ltd

  • Valentine Charitable Trust

  • The Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation

  • The Garfield Weston Foundation

  • Swanage Town Council

  • Roger Raymond Charitable Trust

  • Swanage Masons

We are also indebted to our trustees, members, volunteers and local tradesmen who played a significant role in the boathouse project, bringing the valuable skills needed to ‘make it happen’ such as project and construction management and business and financial skills.   

Our Boathouse in the making...

Building work commenced in July 2013

Putting in the ground works...

Work starts on the roof

Building the roof

Stunning panoramic view of Swanage Bay from the Boathouse roof.

Utilising Local Trades

Utilising Local Trades

Local labour and materials sourced for the stonework

The inside of the boathouse taking shape

Front of the Boathouse really beginning to take shape with work starting on the freestanding area.

Front of the Boathouse nearly complete.

Finishing touches...

Landscaping continues...

December 2013 - Completed!

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