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This year's AGM combined reports of activity during 2015, the appointment of new trustees and the acknowledgement of the hard work and commitment of many members who have helped to run the Club and make it such a success.

In addition to individual members and trustees, Martin Steeden (Chair) thanked 4 trustees who are standing down- Jo England (Membership), Lynne Harris (CPGA), Gill Jennings (Secretary) and Lynne Bramwell (Treasurer) and welcomed Janice Thompson (Secretary), Jim Irvine (Treasurer), Shiona Balfour (Membership) and Rachael Hamilton (CPGA) as new trustees.

Recipients of SSRC awards included Nick & Lynne Harris (Sue & Geoff Chipps Award), Carly and Holly (Junior Rower of the Year ), Martin Steeden (Katina Burridge Award). Men's and Women's rowing awards went to Lynne Harris, Rob Pitt, Jack Burbidge and Ian Burbidge.

Gill and Lynne were both presented with a bouquet of flowers as a gesture of gratitude for their significant contribution to the Club.


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